How to become a Lámh Tutor

  • The next Lámh Tutor Training Programme, which involves 4 days contact training, includes a personal and team assignment followed by practical roll-out of a Lámh Course, is scheduled for Spring 2020.

  • In order to train as a Lámh Tutor, you need to have completed a QQI Using Lámh in a Total Communication Approach Course, to be working in a setting where Lámh is used, as well as fulfilling some other criteria - details of which are on the Lámh Tutor Training Programme page.

There are now 220+ Lámh Tutors working in services around Ireland. Lámh Tutors are all speech and language therapists, teachers, nurses, social care workers, home teachers and other staff members. They deliver Lámh courses to families, staff members and others.