Module One Add-on Lámh Course in Cork

Start Date: 
30 Aug 2017 - 09:30
Course Times: 
Scoil Eanna
Places Available: 

Places are limited and will be allocated on receipt of a completed application form and full payment on a “first come, first served” basis. You will receive a confirmation email once a place is secured.

For enquires please contact:

Cost of Course: 
Course Contact Name: 
Ann O'Mahony
Course Overview: 

Communication partners of children who use Lámh and who have completed Module One can attend this practical workshop that looks at encouraging Lámh use as well as adding to their Lámh sign vocabulary.

Qualifications Required: 

Module One Lámh Certificate

Course Duration: 
3-4 hours over one or two sessions
Course Content: 

The workshop covers:

  1. Lámh and Total Communication
  2. How to use toys and games to create opportunities for Lámh signing
  3. Additional sign vocabulary
  4. How to promote Lámh use in the pre-school and school
  5. Revision of Module One Lámh signs
  6. Looking at research on using manual signs and AAC with children
Course Materials: 
  • Membership of Lámh Signs Online
  • Module One Add-on Handbook and Signbook
  • Certificate
Course Given By: 
Lámh Tutor
Accreditation Achieved: 

Module One Add-on Certificate

Course Recognised by: