Joe and Aisling Dizzy Deliveries

Dizzy Deliveries TV Show

The first TV Show with Lámh Signs! Available on RTE Player, Series 2 airing on 15th April 2024 on RTEJr and RTE Player.

Ann Marie and Joe chatting

Lámh Signs are for Everyone

Lámh can be used by young children, older children, teenagers and adults. Recently Lámh has had a project in place to explore how adults who use Lámh can be supported. You can see some videos from this project HERE and HERE

Jack and his family

The Lámh Project

Wouldn't it be great if everyone could say Hello to everyone? Click HERE to see how Jack and his family were amazed to see everyone using Lámh one day!

Help sign

Lámh Courses Online and in-person

See our Training Courses menu item for information and listings

Lamheen and friends


Sign and sing along with Lámheen on Vimeo download HERE or on DVD

2 women signing

Benefits of using Lámh

Persons may understand more when they and their communication partners use Lámh signs. Frustration can be reduced when people are provided with a way of communicating.

Latest Updates

9th Apr 2024

13 new episodes of Dizzy Deliveries starting Monday 15th April!

Joe, Aisling, Ozzy and friends are off on new adventures to the airport, ice cream...

19th Mar 2024

To celebrate World Down Syndrome Day on Thursday, 21 March, RTE have announced a special treat for fans of Dizzy Deliveries - you can watch an episode from...

image shows a group of children resting their hands on top of each other
4th Dec 2023

The Lámh Development Office is inviting you to complete the short questionnaire below, if you have ever completed a Lámh course or used one of our resources...

Why not use Lámh in your community?

Using Lámh in the Classroom

When school staff and other pupils become familiar with Lámh signs and use some signs themselves, the child who is using Lámh will have the opportunity to participate in school life from the start.

Lámh in your Community

"Lámh Clon" is a short film promoting the town of Clonakilty, Co. Cork. The film features 26 people supported by Cope Foundation in Clonakilty, and demonstrates various places of interest in the town.

Music Projects

The more people that know about Lámh signs the better! An inclusive choir or a sports club learning Lámh? Lámh is happy to support all those interested in developing projects using Lámh.