Lámh Module One Online 15th July 2024 @ 9am

Start Date: 
15 Jul 2024 - 09:00
Course Times: 
9am to 12.30pm
Course Given By: 
Brigid Tobin
Cost of Course: 
Course Contact Name: 
Brigid Tobin
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Course Overview: 

Module One Lámh Course is for those working with children and adults who use Lámh to enhance their communication. It is suitable for teachers, SNAs, social care workers, PAs and preschool staff and others, who work in mainstream and special schools, preschools, adult support services and other settings. Sometimes families attend Module One Courses.

Qualifications Required: 

No previous Lámh training required.

Course Duration: 
6.5 hours - Online made up of 3 hours of self learning and 3.5 hours live online training with a Lámh Tutor
Course Content: 

Our Module One online course is now up and running. The Module One Online course is divided into:

  • a self learning section for participants (approx. 3 hours)

  • 1 or 2 live sessions with a Tutor, totalling 3.5 hours

How do I sign up to do a Lámh Module One Course?

  1. Through the speech therapist/ team supporting the child/adult you are working with who is using Lámh

  2. Tutors may offer places on courses on our website.

  3. AIM Better Start have run Module One courses for pre-school workers who are supporting Lámh users. Contact your AIM Better Start EYS worker to find out about accessing this training

  4. Courses for teachers are run each school year by the National Council for Special Education www.ncse.ie

  5. Lámh have set up a system of Lámh Contract Training. This means that groups can contract in a Tutor to deliver training for families or staff. Please email info@lamh.org if you would like to contract in a Tutor to deliver a course for your group.

The Module One Course covers:

  • Module One Lámh signs (100 signs)

  • Using Lámh signs to support communication

  • The Lámh signing environment

**Feedback from Module One Participants **

'Very enjoyable comprehensive course'

'I liked hearing about experiences of using Lámh with other children with special needs'

Usually staff members attend training organised by their employer, and families attend training organised by their service provider.

Lámh courses are delivered in services around Ireland by Tutors trained by Lámh. There are currently 220 Lámh Tutors in Ireland. Lámh accredits those Lámh Tutors, who are SLTs, teachers, nurses, etc. working in services and running training as part of their regular role.

You could also take a look at our support resources for Lámh users and their communication partners:

  • On the Learning Lámh page of our website you can view 12 signs, just refresh the page to see these

  • For lots of Lámh sign content, see our Twitter,Facebook and Instagram @LámhSign where we have sign videos, activities, story reading with signs and lots more

  • The Little Lámh resource- with 26 videos of signs for €2

  • The Lámh Time App on Apple which includes 6 activities, 2 stories and a sign video library

  • Our Youtube channel Lámh Signs has a number of videos of Lámh signing

  • Colours, Out and About, Animals, Sports and Numbers Posters from our online Shop

  • Lámh-a-Song and Lámh-a-Song 2 children's songs available on DVD (from our Shop) and for download on Vimeo HERE

Course Materials: 
  • Combined Module One Handbook and Sign book (100 signs)
  • Membership of Lámh Signs Online www.lamhsigns.org (100 signs with the option of adding additonal signs to membership if required)
  • Module One Certificate
  • Registration on the Lámh Module One database
Accreditation Achieved: 

Module One Certificate

Additional Requirements: 

This course is of most benefit to those who are using Lámh to support a Lámh user and their family currently, as they will have the opportunity to use the signs and skills acquired.

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