20 May 2020

Free and Open Access to Lámh Signs Online extended to Aug 2020

Lámh is extending free of charge access to Lámh Signs Online www.lamhsigns.org until the end of August 2020!

Since 31st March, Lámh has been offering free and open access to Lámh Signs Online as Lámh users and families are at home, users’ routines are changed, school is closed, staff members are working in different areas, and Lámh training courses are on hold for the moment.

So you can apply by going to www.lamhsigns.org and putting in the code 'lovelamh'.

As Lámh is a communication system and not simply a set of signs, we have also been working hard to provide information, activity ideas and videos of Lámh In Use on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube and on our website www.lamh.org. These help to show how to communicate using Lámh signs, and not just how to make a sign. Lámh users rely on communication partners using Lámh signs effectively and in everyday situations - where the sign makes sense.

Lámh is used as part of a Total Communication Approach – which means that all methods of communication are valued equally – e.g. signs, words, visual supports etc., and people can choose to use a combination of methods to communicate.

Usually Lámh users, families, teachers, SNAs, pre-school workers, social care staff and others start to learn Lámh signs face-to-face, where more information and support is available. We hope to provide options around online Courses and Webinars in the coming months for families and staff members. News of these will be posted on our website and social media channels as they become available.

In the meantime, we hope that Lámh Signs Online videos will give some support to families, Lámh users and staff and others who are supporting Lámh users at this time.

The presenters demonstrating the signs include families who use Lámh themselves – 80 new signs were added before Christmas, with families and Lámh users in Wexford taking part, and these new signs are coming in very handy at this time!

So remember, you can apply by going to www.lamhsigns.org and use code 'lovelamh'.