27 Aug 2015

Funding for Projects about Lamh

Lámh Research Projects Funding 2015-2016

We are delighted to announce that small grant/s are now available for individuals or groups exploring Lámh use in Ireland.

Project Topics Grant/s of up to €4,000 are available to students, individuals or groups who will, as Lámh Scholars, work on a project exploring Lámh use under one or more of the following headings:

  1. Families using Lámh;
  2. Lámh sign use and training for staff members;
  3. Lámh users – e.g. life as a Lámh user, experience of learning and using Lámh at any age;
  4. Technology – e.g. looking at Lámh resources recently or to be launched, e.g. Little Lámh app, Lámh Signs Online or Lámh Time app (launching late 2015).
  5. Impact of Lámh as a communication support.

The purpose of these grant/s is to promote research around Lámh use, in order to continue to explore how Lámh users, their families and other communication partners can be best supported around Lámh use.


Funding is for expenses incurred in carrying out the research project, e.g.: • To cover any costs incurred in carrying out the research, e.g. travel, participant transport, hiring a meeting room, refreshments for participants, circulating questionnaires, phone calls, etc;

Funding will be provided for 1 or more projects, from €4,000 for one project to €1,000 for 4 projects. Smaller projects may be explorations around further research that may be carried out.


The project can be one already in progress or in development, but not completed, as long as it will be completed in 2016.

The Lámh Scholar is not required to be a registered student, however they will need to have the link with a Research Ethics committee or approval process which will have oversight of the research project.

Applications are welcome from undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as professionals working in a related area.

Lámh also welcomes and encourages applications from individuals or groups who have personal experience of Lámh use, such as advocacy groups. An Easy Read version of the information sheet is available from infolamh@gmail.com.

The purpose of these grants is to facilitate individuals to commence or continue a small scale publishable research project in their area of interest including, for example:

• Systematic review • Exploratory/pilot study • A stage/phase of a larger study • Development of a research proposal for funding.

*Successful applicants must complete the project in 2016, with an expectation that the project will begin before the 31st December 2015. The closing date for applications is 16th October 2015. *

What we want to hear about in your proposal:

  • How relevant is this project to current Lámh use in Ireland?

  • In what context is the research being carried out

  • Is there an Ethics process in place?

  • How feasible is this research to carry out?

  • What research method/s are you using?

  • What is your experience/knowledge of carrying out a project like this?

For further information or to submit your proposal, please contact Mary Cullen, Lámh Project Manager at infolamh@gmail.com. Groups or those requiring communication support can contact the Lámh Office to request a call back. The closing date for applications is 16th October 2015.