31 Aug 2018

Lámh Research Bursaries

Small grant/s available for individuals or groups exploring Lámh use in Ireland.

This will be the second roll-out of bursaries for research in relation to Lámh. In 2016, Lámh offered two small ‘Lámh Scholar’ grants, which culminated in two projects:

  1. ‘Lámh: Parents Experiences’ , Glacken, M. et al, St. Angela’s College, Sligo
  2. ‘The Key to Signing – factors impacting the use of Lámh in a disability organisation’ Byrne, A., Pyne, J. & Sheehan, V., COPE Foundation Cork.

Lámh is again offering up to €4,000 to students, individuals or groups who will, as Lámh Scholars, work on a project exploring Lámh use. Funding is for expenses incurred in carrying out the research project.

Some suggested areas that we would like to see explored this time around include:

  • Experiences of adults who use Lámh
  • Lámh and advocacy
  • Outcomes of Lámh training for Pre-schools workers
  • Children’s attitudes to Lámh in mainstream schools
  • Families using Lámh
  • Uses and impact of digital resources, e.g. Lámh Signs Online, Lámh Time App
  • Experiences of Lámh users – all ages

The Lámh Scholar is not required to be a registered student, however they will need to have the link with a Research Ethics committee or approval process which will have oversight of the research project. Applications are welcome from undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as professionals working in a related area. Lámh also welcomes and encourages applications from individuals or groups who have personal experience of Lámh use, such as advocacy groups.

Successful applicants must complete the project in 2019.

The closing date for applications is 19th October 2018.

For further information contact Mary Cullen, Lámh Manager at info@lamh.org .

The video clip shown here is of the research project carried out by researchers from COPE Foundation, one of the recepients of the last round of Lámh research bursaries.