Family Lámh Course Part Two

Course Overview: 

Families who have been to the Lámh Family Course may be interested in the Part Two Family Course, to learn more signs, or get sign practice with a Lámh Tutor, or to talk about their Lámh use with other families.

Qualifications Required: 

You must have already attended the Lámh Family Course.

Course Duration: 
2 sessions of around 2 hours each
Course Content: 

The course includes either one-to-one or group discussion about Lámh use in general, how the wider family group is getting on with Lámh signs.

It is useful to go to a course at a time of transition, e.g. going to school, when perhaps different signs will be used and you child will be meeting new people.

Course Materials: 

Signbook with 100 additional Lámh signs and also can add these signs to your Lámh Signs Online Family Membership.

Course Given By: 
Lámh Tutors and Lámh Family Trainers, usually from the family's service provider