QQI Level 5 Using Lámh in a Total Communication Approach

Course Overview: 

For those who use Lámh extensively in their work, involved in supporting Lámh users, their families; seeking comprehensive training in facilitating Lámh use using a total communication approach, and may progress to Lámh Tutor Training.

Qualifications Required: 

Module One Lámh Course

Course Duration: 
Contact Training over 4 days with an assignment to complete following the course
Course Content: 

This key training covers tuition in 400 Lámh signs, with revision of Module One signs (100 signs), steps in implementation of a signing programme and focus on the Total Communication approach in the context of advocacy and inclusion.

Completion of this course and assignment is a requirement for those wishing to apply to become Lámh Tutors or Lámh Family Trainers.

Participants must identify the Lamh user or potential Lamh user they will support for their QQI ULTCA assignment.

Following completion of the four day course, participants will be able to set up a signing environment; complete the Lámh assessment and will know the 500 Lámh signs.

Comments from previous course particpants:

"I love that we are encouraged to be in touch and have access to tutorials. It was a very interactive and enjoyable course."

"Have really enjoyed the course. Go back to work with a clearer picture in my head about teaching signs and using a total communication approach in my work"

I really enjoyed this course and I looked forward to each day. I gained a significant amount of knowledge.

The course was excellently presented. The Tutors were very approachable, responsive and eager to give everyone as much help and support as required. The group were great - offering advice and support, ideas etc. to each other.

This programme has been developed by Lámh and the Open Training College, provider of a programme leading to a QQI Award Level 5.

Course Materials: 
  • Lámh Signbooks 2 & 3
  • Comprehensive ULTCA Handbook
  • Membership of Lámh Signs Online www.lamhsigns.org
  • Assessment Checklist
  • Record Form
  • Handouts
Accreditation Achieved: 

This course leads to two QQI Level 5 module components from the QQI Intellectual Disability Practice Award. The component modules are Facilitating Communication through Lámh and Total Communication.


Following completion of the four contact training days, Learners will have 10 weeks complete a practical assignment based on implementing a programme of Lámh signing using a Total Communication approach for a child or adult. Learners will be supported throughout this period by an expert Lámh Mentor.

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